Kevin Fudge is the director of consumer advocacy and ombudsman at American Student Assistance. He works with policy makers, state agencies and non-profit organizations to increase college access, college completion and successful education debt management. He works with members of state government to provide effective solutions to complex student loan situations faced by their constituents or from their own education loans. In the national conversation about student loan debt and higher education policy, Kevin provides research and analysis of student loans to national and local media, secondary school administrators, higher education professionals, and think tanks. Kevin has been dedicated to helping Boston area students achieve their social, academic and economic potential since 2001, when he was the Assistant Director of Admissions/College Access Coordinator at College of the Holy Cross. Kevin is a graduate of the University of Virginia and received his master’s degree in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University. Kevin serves on our Administration Committee and our Applications Committee, and he serves as our in-house guru on matters of aid and debt.