Yamirah Lacy


Yamirah Lacy is a 22-year-old student from Dorchester who’s been striving to get back to college since losing her financial aid last school year. A psychology major at Mount Ida College, Yamirah was on track to graduate, but received an unexpected and unmanageable bill after participating in a study abroad program in London. Despite that, she says, “studying abroad was a wonderful experience that has helped me grow as a person (it) helped me believe that anything is possible if you focus and put your heart into it.” She’s had the chance to put her heart back into school, and she returned to Mount Ida to complete her degree, graduating in May 2014. Yamirah loves to volunteer and work out, and served as vice president of her college dance team. She is a graduate of City on a Hill and hopes to someday work in an environment she loves, helping people.

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