Shalea Berryhill

Shalea Berryhill is working to return to college after several years of dealing with challenging health problems. The 25-year-old Boston student, who graduated from Health Careers Academy in 2004, was well on her way to earning an English degree from Northeastern University. But health issues, perhaps related to an exhausting schedule of work, school, activities and commuting, led to a collapse in her third year. Unable to continue her required internship, Shalea took time off to get healthy. She now feels strong and ready to refocus on her future. Her goal is to become an English teacher. “I have always wanted to be a teacher,” she says. “I recall putting all of my teddy bears in a row, as a child, and getting in front of them to teach.” Inspired by teachers who taught her to love subjects she didn’t inherently enjoy, she says, “the right teacher can make a great difference.”

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