Rachel Regis


After graduating with honors from high school, Rachel attended Johnson & Wales and had a great experience there majoring in Criminal Justice. In her senior year, she was forced to leave college to raise her son but she continued to dream of completing her degree. “Having my son brought a new meaning to my life.” Rachel said. “I want him to dream big and in order to do that I need to handle my own unfinished business.” Rachel applied for an Alray scholarship with the goal of completing her degree at Johnson & Wales. However outstanding debt prevented her from enrolling there immediately, and she used the scholarship to enroll in courses at UMass-Boston, where she successfully earned transferrable credits. Even after she completed all the academic requirements for her degree, outstanding debt prevented her from receiving it. After lots of effort, and the help of a Finish Line Fund award from the Alray program, Rachel received her bachelor’s degree in 2015. She now serves as an Alray mentor, assisting a new scholar.