Markia Moore

Markia Moore’s college journey has been long and challenging. The ambitious 28-year-old Charlestown student enrolled in the Urban College of Boston after graduating from Madison Park High School (via University High School) in 2002. But after two years of more than full-time work and full-time study, her body gave out. Exhausted, she was hospitalized, and she rethought her path. The next few years took her through beauty school, salon work and radiology study at Bunker Hill, and into human service classes at UMass Boston. But lack of focus and the death of her grandmother knocked her off track. Finally, Markia refined her goals and re-enrolled in Bunker Hill as a human service major, completing her associate’s degree last spring. This fall, she enrolled at Northeastern University, where she plans to complete a degree in leadership management. Eventually, she hopes to earn her master’s degree in social work and start her own nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls and women to develop self-esteem and life skills. “I sometimes ponder what my life would have unfolded into had I experienced the opportunity as a traditional college student,” she says. But, she adds, her experiences have made her more resilient and determined.

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