Keyana Washington


Keyana is the first recipient in the history of the Alray Scholars Program. She graduated from Boston High School in 1997 where she excelled. But in her first year at the UMass-Boston, she was unfocused and struggled, saying she felt unprepared for college. She was forced to leave school and made raising her young daughter her first priority. When Keyana applied to the Alray Scholars Program, she was nine years older and far more mature. She spent six years working at Boston City Hall, in the Mayor’s Office and in the Boston Transportation Department Claims Office, always contemplating going back to school. She decided to return to college and earn her degree – and not just for herself. “I am not only a mother, but also a role model,” she says. “I have to show my daughter that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.” Keyana graduated from Gibbs College in the Fall of 2009 with an Associate’s degree, and earned her Bachelor’s degree from Cambridge College in June 2011. She has continued her involvement with the Alray cause by joining our Applications Committee to help screen and select future recipients, and as a mentor working with future Alray Scholars.

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