Judy Rose


Judy is a Boston native and graduate of Brighton High School. She originally attended Roxbury Community College (RCC) where she maintained honors status making the dean’s list, while working part-time as an aide for an elderly woman. Though doing well academically at RCC, she wasn’t satisfied with her educational path. Given her passion for caring for others, specifically children and women, she decided to pursue a nursing career. After passing the entrance exam with flying colors, she began the registered nursing program at Quincy College. Her studies proved financially difficult for Judy and she applied for the Alray Scholars Program. “I expected only funding for my education. However I received more than I bargained for. The people at the Alray Scholars Program have been very supportive and understanding of my situation. I feel that the program is an equalizer, giving inner city youth the chance to be successful. I have been most appreciative of the support I have received from my mentor, Jack O’Brien. Jack has been there for me, providing much guidance and fighting to insure my success. I feel that this is also true for the rest of the staff at the program. They place their scholars in their hearts and fight for them.” Judy earned her Associate’s degree in Nursing from Quincy College in the summer of 2013 and hopes to become a nurse practitioner working with families.

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