Cori Boston


Cori’s talent and determination propelled him to a Division I basketball scholarship at Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania. He enjoyed the experience of living away from home, making new friends, and studying new subjects. But on the basketball team, he desperately missed the sense of family and camaraderie he had enjoyed during his high school years at Charlestown High. He had an experience all too common for Divi¬sion I athletes: the coach who had recruited him left for another job; he sometimes felt as though he was a replaceable employee in a business rather than an indispensable member of a team; and he suffered through multiple injuries and surgeries which took a toll on his confidence. After two years, he left college and returned to Boston. He passed the EMT exam and began logging rigorous 70-hour work weeks. Still, he missed college. He enrolled at Norwich University in Vermont with a new appreciation for the gift that is college life. Being an Alray Scholar is especially meaningful for Cori because he and Alray were the closest of friends. “Alray and I always talked about having our degrees,” Cori says, “and how much it would mean, not only to our friends and family, but for us to be able to look back and see how far we’ve come. I made a promise not only to myself but to Alray as well, that if I get the chance to get back into school, I’m not going to leave without my degree.” Cori earned his Bachelor’s degree from Norwich University in May 2011.