Charita Parham


Charita Parham is a 32-year-old mother of three (son, daughter and stepson) living in Dorchester. Charita originally enrolled in Johnson & Wales University after graduating from public high school in Boston, but was forced to leave because the costs exceeded her ability to pay. She left school with a 3.78 GPA, a Dean’s List award and a determination to return someday. Then, life happened. She needed to work. She got married and had a baby. And complications around her student loan repayment plan prevented her from receiving financial aid. But inspired to set a positive example for her children, she worked towards her associate’s degree at Bunker Hill Community College and graduated in 2013. She is now continuing her studies at Northeastern University. A legal assistant for a tech company for the past six years, she dreams of attending law school. Eventually, she wants to be a judge. She has, in her words, “a love for the law and its application.”

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