Alray Scholar Elizabeth Cabrera Joins the Class of 2012

Congrats to Alray Scholar Elizabeth Cabrera, who earned her Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in Fall 2012. Here she celebrates with family after being awarded her degree. She is now enrolled in graduate school, studying education. (Photo by Olivia Siegel)

Elizabeth Cabrera was born in the Dominican Republic and went to middle and high school in Boston. She began studying law at a university in San Domingo, but after a few false starts, Liz found herself back in Massachusetts. With her education on hold, she needed to find a job and begin a new life. Eventually, she was able to enroll at Bay State College and earned her Associate’s degree in Computer Science. In 2006, Liz began pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

For both personal and financial reasons, she was forced several times to put her education on hold. But she never took her eye off the prize of earning that degree.

With the help of the Alray Scholars Program, Liz completed her degree at Northeastern University in the summer of 2012. Through six years and lots of stops and starts, where many would have been defeated, she powered through.

Her Alray Scholars mentor, Carine Tarazi, recalls that the first time they met, Liz told her that if she had been able to afford it, she would have already earned her doctorate by that point. When Carine checked in with Liz a few weeks before her Northeastern graduation ceremony, Liz informed her that she had already begun a master’s program in education at Northeastern. “Time and again,” Carine says, “I’ve been inspired by Liz’s eloquence and energy. If she wants to, I have no doubt that she will eventually earn that Ph.D.!”