Alray Scholars Program Holds Resume Building Workshop

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our scholars with the resources and support they need to succeed, the Alray Scholars Program hosted a resume-building workshop for past and current scholars at The Boston Globe offices on November 14, 2013. Career counselor and certified resume writer Lynn Walker Levy donated her time and skills as an instructor for the event. A dozen scholars came to the workshop hoping to perfect their resumes and have all of their questions answered. Alray mentor Scott Rynne, a football and lacrosse coach at Tufts University, even came hoping to learn a bit more about the skills that could best help his mentee.


Levy got the workshop started in a powerful, positive direction by asking attendees to state their names and declare their career goals. She discussed the benefit of social media for outreach, stressing the importance of maintaining appropriate LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and advised on the most efficient and effective way to craft and build a resume using key industry words. “Your resume is your primary marketing tool,” Levy said. “Make sure your language is sales-focused and you highlight your successes.”

Levy did a great job of keeping the group interested and engaged, and students had great suggestions and references for their fellow job-searching peers. Attendee and current scholar Charita Parham appreciated the great feedback and networking aspect of the event, commenting, “It was another very useful part of [being in] the Alray program.”

Photos by Alice Kathryn Richardson.