Close the College Completion Gap

In working with students over the years, we have developed a deep appreciation for the many financial, logistical, and psychological hurdles they face in returning to college after having suffered a setback. Our grassroots nonprofit is helping to solve on a local level the college completion puzzle that low-income students are confronting nationwide.

Help College Dropouts Become College Graduates

Your donation directly funds scholarships and supports mentors, giving deserving students a second chance at earning their degree.

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Bruce's Giving is Personal

“People deserve second chances, and education is the foundation that helps you choose your work in a better way.”

Meryl Kessler Gives from the Heart

“It was really working hand-in-glove with young people. They identified the problem and they really figured out how we can intervene and get people back on course to college completion.”

Former Friend of Alray Taylor Becomes Monthly Donor

“I give to the Alray Taylor Second Chance Scholarship fund because I knew Alray and he was instrumental in my growth as a young man, learning how to live and how to make an impact in this world.”

Learn more about the Sam Swidey Finish Line Fund, which helps promising students surmount their final college hurdle

To donate by mail, make check payable to:

Alray Taylor Second Chance Scholarship Fund, PO Box 960400, Boston, MA 02196