Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of the Alray Scholars Program is to give promising students a second chance at a college education. Our mission is very specific because we feel that this is an unmet need. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our eligibility requirements. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 617-395-6862.

1. What makes the Alray Scholars Program different from other scholarships?

Our program is designed specifically to assist Boston students in returning to college or other post-secondary studies after having suffered a setback during their first attempt. The goal is to work with students who are able to demonstrate their readiness to return and their dedication to completing their studies. Alray scholars must also show a willingness to work with an Alray mentor, since we’ve found that the mentoring support helps students make the most of their second chance at college.

2. At my first attempt at college, vocational program, or trade school, I was enrolled only part-time. Do I qualify?

Yes. The fact that you took college, vocational, or trade school classes on a part-time basis will not hurt your application. If you enrolled in your educational program with the intent to earn a degree or certificate, you qualify for the scholarship.

3. I don’t currently live in Boston. Do I qualify?

Yes. Applicants do not have to currently reside in Boston. The requirement is that you previously graduated from a Boston public high school or Boston charter school, or earned a GED after attending one of these schools.

4. I participated in the City of Boston Metco program and took high school classes outside Boston. Do Metco graduates qualify?

Yes. Metco students who lived in Boston during their high school years are eligible.

5. During high school, I attended a private school or was home schooled. Am I eligible?

No. Unless you graduated from a Boston public high school or Boston charter school, or received a GED after attending one of these schools, you are not eligible.

6. I completed my first certificate or college degree, and would now like to apply to a different program. Am I eligible?

No. Usually, unless you were forced to leave your college program and failed to earn your degree, you are not eligible.

Exception: If you earned an Associate’s degree along the way to earning a Bachelor’s, you may qualify. However, you must have previously been enrolled in classes to pursue a Bachelor’s before circumstances forced you to stop your education.

Students who are pursuing a graduate degree are not eligible.

This scholarship is specifically designed for students who struggled or faced obstacles on their first attempt. There may be other scholarships for which you do qualify. We encourage you to continue the scholarship search!

7. If I received the scholarship once, can I renew or re-apply?

Yes, you may re-apply with your mentor’s support in future years, but there is no guarantee that you will get another scholarship. We will consider your application in our pool and weigh it against the needs of other students. We will also encourage you to seek other sources of funding and assist you in securing alternative funding if we can.

8. If I didn’t receive the scholarship, can I re-apply?

Yes. If you did not receive a scholarship in your prior application and wish to reapply, please notify us at so that we can provide guidance on what information should be submitted.

9. The college I previously attended has a financial hold on my account and refuses to release my transcript. Can I still apply?

Yes. We will accept unofficial transcripts until you can negotiate the release of your official college transcript. However, this scholarship cannot be used to pay outstanding balances or loans for previous coursework.

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